Monday, August 07, 2006

Call me Mrs. Worn-Out Man

Oh lordy is Michael going to be miserable. It is only officially day one of his "training". He had to be in Norfolk at 6am for PT and then he started shift work this afternoon. That means he'll be leaving work around midnight. Then he has a class type thing at 7am back in Norfolk and another day of shift work. Then PT again the next morning. Then there's all kinds of things he has to learn and make and etc. Wow. This is only the first week... and we have a month to go! I'm preparing for one worn-out, grumpy man. I'm trying to not be grumpy myself. Hmm. That's going to be tricky.

On the brighter side of things, I have nearly organized my stamping/guest room. Connor even noticed the difference. He said, "Mama, clean up!" It made me laugh. I just finished making an inventory spreadsheet. I figure it would be really good to have an actual list of what I own. I have all of my current stamp sets listed. I need to go through my retired sets and find their item numbers and prices. Then I need to decide what I'm going to keep and what to sell. I wish I was brave enough to do eBay. I could make bank on those retired sets! That's not important though. I just want to be protected if the movers loose or damage my current sets. That's nearly $800 (currently - hehe)! I need to document all my stuff. I have a ton of perishables (cardstock, adhesives, embossing powder, etc.) and a lot of punches and tools. I didn't realize I had accumulated that much stuff. I guess I could look at my rolling sales and just assume at least 80% of that is my stuff. I am way my own best customer!

I should go to bed now. Well, feed the baby then go to bed. Ah... the mommy life. Hehe. TTFN!

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