Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A samurai mouse and other fascinating things

You read right... a samurai mouse. Let's just say I finally got around to cleaning out the garage. I hadn't found the time (and quite frankly didn't want to do it) to clear out the garage. I knew there were mice out there, and quite a few at that. I had counted 3 on a previous "kick the boxes to scare the mice" visit to that corner of the garage. Well, I finally had time thanks to Amy across the street and mom watching the kidos. I started by pulling out the lawnmower (which had a little nest made out of mulch under it). Then I grabbed my sweeper and began to poke things with the handle. When I counted 4 running little critters and let a period of time pass, I assumed I was safe. Well, U didn't have much to do with it, but I sure made an @ss out of me! I had a coil of border liner stuff that was filled with more mulch (thus another nest). Thankfully, I was "smart" and used the handle of the sweeper to pick up the coil. YaHAAAAAAAA! (<----that's a samurai yell) Out jumps a mouse right toward me. That thing got a couple feet of air. Then it scampered off back to my other boxes. Of course, I jumped and did the girlie scream and dance. I knew that was going to happen! I didn't used to mind mice, but I sure hate them now!

Anyway, the garage is clean (as a garage can be) and I only found 5 mouse nests. All but that one were old. It was waaaaay gross. I have traps ready to go out there now if necessary. Eeewwwy. I still get the shivers thinking about it.

So, this has been a couple of weeks. No adjective necessary. I feel like it has just happened to me, not like I participated. Connor had a week of sleeping troubles... meaning he slept for 45 minutes at a time. Then he would scream and cry and demand "mama's bed". That did not happen. Needless to say, I have been a little cranky because of little sleep. So has he. It's been great. Fortunately, since Sunday (when I asked for prayer) he has been sleeping. Now he won't nap, but I will take what I can get at this point.

I submitted the paperwork (online) for our move to CT. *sigh* It's really happening now. I think despite all my whining I was still in denial. The realtor is coming over on Tuesday with our "For Rent" sign and all that paperwork and I have been talking with the chick in CT about housing. Of course, there is one little piece of paperwork I don't have (grrr, Michael!) so I am having to pray to the Navy fairies to get it. If he hasn't updated said paper with Clara's information I think I might just go postal. I've been very upset lately about some things that have been neglected or ignored or simply not seen as important... to Michael. I am glad he is not here right now, because we probably would be fighting all the time. But then again, most of my stress is coming from him being gone, so who knows. All I have to say is... GGGRRRR!

On a happy note, I am having a Stamp-a-stack class on Sunday for Christmas cards and someone is coming! Woohoo! I have some awesome cards designed and CASEd (Copy And Share Everything). Maybe I will post them on my stamping blog. If you're good... hehe. I love stamping. I'm thinking of not shipping any of that stuff so I can use it right away when we get to CT. Of course, it could be challenging to stamp without a table or lights... or the housing to do it in! GGRRRR!

Well, so this isn't so boring... here are some pictures taken by other families at the commissioning.Michael is on the far left. It was cool. When I was looking at the pictures on yahoo, that was the first one! :-)Here's the grand ole USS Texas. I must say that a submarine is a beautiful thing. It's really beautiful next to a pier close to your home. Hehe. ~:-D

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