Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cover shot

Clara turned 6 months old on Tuesday, so it was time for her 6 month photo shoot. I started this tradition with Connor. Every baby deserves at least one roll of black and white film (or it's digital equivalent). Here are our best results.

She is such a sweet baby, but was so much harder than Connor to shoot. The difference is that she is already mobile. At this age, Connor was still just sitting. I don't even think he had rolled yet... we had to tease him into rolling.

I really missed my SLR today, taking these pictures. However, I didn't miss having to wait for the film to be developed. Maybe I'll get a digital SLR sometime this year. Their prices are getting a little more reasonable. I just have such a hard time getting a good focus out of my digital. Of course, that may be because the first thing Connor does if he gets a hold of my camera is stick his finger on the lens. Hmm... maybe... ~:-)

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