Monday, January 08, 2007


My babies are growing! Waah! Yesterday and today Clara will not stop doing this...Yes, that's her on her knees. She's pulling up. She's tried to get to her feet a few times, but it's a little too slippery downstairs. I'm just like, "Hold on!" Seriously, she's not even 7 months yet!

And this is my big baby...
He got a tricycle from Grandma and Gramdaddy for Christmas (the camera didn't work right, so it got returned). He has quickly learned to ride it. The first day we went out he couldn't push the pedals right to save his life. We went for a walk with me pushing and him "pedaling". He must have gotten the idea, because the next day he was able to push himself, although slowly. The third day, he picked up speed and was pretty good at steering. Now he just needs to master steering. He also needs to work on persistence. I hate to say it, but Connor's a borderline quitter. I have to push him to keep trying. He says, "Is too hard" a lot! If I keep at him, we can defeat this behaviour.

I love my babies! ~:-D

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