Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm such a slacker! But Connor's been soooo busy (not me... I just have to escort him everywhere)! He has made friends in the neighborhood. Woohoo! Hmm... what else has gone down? Connor also gave himself a concussion. Yup! You read right. That was actually a few weeks back. Silly child was leaning in his chair and it slipped out from under him. He slid forward and banged his head on the coffee table and the chair back hit him in the back of the head. No big deal at the time. He barely cried. Fast forward an hour an a half and he starts throwing up. Nice. After calling the clinic to get their opinion (why did I waste my time - of course they said to take him to the ER to be checked), we headed to the ER. They were very nice and worked to get us out of there quickly. Connor got a CT scan (they scanned my cat! HA!) and everything was normal. It was quickly dubbed a "mild concussion" and we headed for home. We were only there for 4 hours on a Friday night. I was impressed. So anyway, Connor did sooo well with the scary CT machine. His eyes opened really wide when the table started moving, but I told him to close his eyes and relax and he did fine. I love my little dude!

Clara's be growing. She's pulling up a lot now... often to her feet on the carpet or in her crib. She still won't crawl on her knees. We have another army crawler on our hands! But no teeth yet. I think she's been teething forever!

Aside from giving himself brain damage, Connor has been fun lately. He has started to love art stuff (and I've been more inclined to let him try now that he is following directions - well mostly). He loves the easel that Sarah and Joe gave him for Christmas and he has started stamping. He has a retired set I got for him that is called Bug Builders. He likes making bugs! Of course, he likes getting inky. Every day at least once he'll say to me, "I wanna 'tamp ma!"

The next very fun thing is pretend play. Woohoo! I've been waiting for this to kick in. He runs around making up stories for Superman or Connor-boy. He takes my order for food and cooks for me continuously. Yay! I really like when he "plays guitar". Anytime he hears a good rock song (a kid version of course), he will find his drumstick, hold it tightly to his stomach and wiggle his fingers over it. Very nice. He even has a good lean when he does it. Rock star in the making. Pictured above is one of his favorite songs right now. It's called I Hog the Ground and is by none other than Steve! It's not on iTunes yet, but you know I check nearly every day! His other favorite is Move Your Feet by Music for Aardvarks. It has a great funk guitar part. We dance to that one daily.

I guess I've been long winded enough for today... I'll try to be more consistent again with my posting! ~:-)

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