Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pigs flew...

...and hell froze over.

Yes, this is Connor. Asleep. On the couch. It was so weird. I hadn't heard him making his usual noise in a while and I got very nervous. I frantically looked around to find him (and then intervene in whatever mischief was occurring) when I realized he was sitting right next to me. Then I realized *gasp* he was asleep! Anyone who has met and interacted with Connor realizes the miracle this is. He is in constant motion. He won't stop for anything. He has recently given up naps (*sigh*) and has taken to waking up and playing in his room in the early hours of the morning (he told me one morning he played until "the sun woke up"). An even greater miracle is that this happened the day before as well, only he was sitting and resting his head on Michael and getting his back rubbed. Ah... a new stage to love. ~:-)

PS - This is post #100! If you read me, let me know you're there!


Cousin Shelby said...

So were you able to get things done? He looks so cute. WE missed ya'll for Christmas. Hope it was a great holiday for ya'll.

Sarah said...

WOW. that is a miracle.
i can't believe it's already post 100!
keep it up.
i love reading about all you've got going..


Krissy said...

cute picture :) happy 2007!