Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crumpled Baby

Hehehe... I wonder what you're thinking from that title. Hehehe.

Well, let me start at the beginning. You see, there was a couple who had this little baby named Connor. He was a happy little baby and very easy to handle (remember... I'm talking about a baby Connor). He was easy to put to bed and was very regular with his naps. He slept through the night with little trouble. Then that couple had this other baby. Her name was Clara and she was pretty easy, until her mommy spoiled her. You see, her mommy let Clara sleep with her while Clara's daddy was gone. Although this let the mommy sleep a little more, it was dooming Clara to bad habits and strange dependencies. Eventually, Clara grew bigger and was bed hog and needed to sleep in her crib. She did not like this one bit and decided to scream... a lot. The mommy didn't like this and was afraid of troubling Connor and making Clara sick (yes... she screams like that). So for several months Clara continued to sleep with her mommy and daddy. The time came for the mommy to face the music and make Clara scream, so with help from Clara's daddy, the process began.

Yes, I am being silly. Clara got "put to bed" tonight for the first time in a while. It was actually a little unintentional. We've been holding her to sleep each night (another bad habit) and when Michael went to put her down, she woke up. This isn't unusual, but tonight was the night to end the cycle of bad sleep habits. So instead of holding her more or going to bed early ourselves, we let her scream. And scream she did. It took her all of 45 minutes to settle down. I'm writing this because of how I found her when I went to make sure the quiet wasn't because she had died. She likes to stand at the end of the crib to scream to make sure as much sound goes out the door as possible. She had essentially crumpled at that spot. She was sitting on her butt, but she was folded forward, "dead" asleep. Snoring, actually. It took all I had not to laugh right then. I carefully laid her down and proceeded to go downstairs to laugh and demonstrate for Michael. My poor little fighter girl. She screamed and fought to the instant she fell asleep! We'll see if I have it in me to let her scream tomorrow when Michael's at work.

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