Saturday, February 10, 2007

What I miss about VA

Yes - the long awaited post is here. So here is the list (in no particular order).
  • Sweet Tea - Is this totally lame? I want a sweet iced tea so bad! I suppose I could make some, but that takes away from the enjoyment (and it's not quite the same).
  • My church - I miss going to church without a thought. I miss familiar faces. I miss Sunday School. I so need to find a church!
  • My babysitters - I never had to worry about what I would do with the kids in VA. Nana and PopPop were normally available, and if not, there were TONS of trustworthy people around that I could call in a pinch. I've found a person to "trade" with down here, but that's a little weird for anything other than the necessary things like appointments.
  • Preschool - Connor is going crazy. Enough said.
  • No money worries - Not that it's bad... it's just uncertain. Rent our house!
  • My family - It just sucks being away from your family.
  • My job - I guess I should expand on this. If I need to I can just get an RT job in VA. I don't have to get a license and such, because I have one already.
  • Mild weather - The highs here have equalled the normal lows in VA. It takes a little getting used to. It also makes it hard to get Connor outside to play while toting Clara along.
All that being said, there are tons of things I love here. Enough things that I am actually quite happy in my new place. I've been challenged in different ways and am learning things about myself. I hope our next move is as smooth.

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