Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The joy of a little sister is...

you have a built in pet! I was cracking up this evening. As I was finally getting around to chopping my veggies for the week, Connor was playing in the kitchen with some things from the cabinet. One of these things was a large pink bowl, which he quickly decided was a dog bowl. Then he decided that Clara was the dog. Then he started calling her, like a dog... and she came! She laughed the whole way.

He then made us some muffins, which is funny, because he's never had muffins (egg allergy). He told me they were egg pumpkin muffins, but thought that my suggestion of pumpkin spice sounded much better. I love an imagination in a cute boy!

Clara took a step today. It was just one, but it was the one. That first step. I figured it would be this week. She's gotten the idea that walking is the thing to do. Every chance she gets, she is pushing something around as a walker. Her favorites are Connor's little chair and her walker toy. Wah... my baby's becoming a toddler.

On the weight front... I have lost 14 total pounds. I had a rough weekend, but I think I'm back on track. The food at the sub ball really screwed me up and then my head was all messed up, so the whole weekend was blown. I guess it's not to bad... I didn't quit! I just hope I have a loss at my next meeting!

Please continue to pray for the Virginia Tech family. My sister's boyfriend had a friend who died... it is real and horrible.

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