Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Guess what just arrived...

from Pottery Barn?

It's the cutest shelf set ever! I finally used the gift card mom gave us for Christmas oh... 3 years ago. Thank God it was still good! I am a bit surprised by the size of the shelves. I didn't look at the dimensions closely (I was ordering at the store). Imagine my amazement when 3 rather sizable boxes show up at my door. For scale purposes take note that those are DVDs on the long box. I did not notice that. I'm so glad I didn't order another set for the other spot on my wall. I may even be able to divide up this set to fill the space I have. Anyway, no matter their size, I am very happy to have these! I can finally take out some of my figures and things. I'll be able to display my Willow Tree pieces. Mom and dad started getting them for me when Connor was born... I love them! Anyhow... yay for shelves!

On the home front, things are going well. Clara's nap schedule is totally wrecking my schedule. She used to nap with Connor in the middle of the day. She would just have her own little 30 minute naps in the morning and evening. Now we have started 2 2-3 hour naps. That is not a bad thing, I just have to re-figure how to work her new sleeping self into Connor's fairly rigid schedule. I'm not sure how people work in more kids!

Connor bonked his head again today. He hit it hard on the coffee table (again). Poor baby. Now he has a purple line straight across his forehead. I took a picture. (of course, looking at the picture now, it's barely noticeable)

At least there was no concussion this time. Just a little crying and a temper tantrum over holding the ice. It actually looks better now that the swelling has gone down. I might wait until next weekend to get his hair cut now...

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