Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So silent...

here in blogger-land! I haven't abandoned you, I've just been working really hard to get ready for convention. That's right, I am going to Denver for Stampin' Up!'s yearly convention. I am sooooooo very excited. I've been working hard on making card fronts to swap. I haven't done that many, but I am seriously squeezing out every last second I have. I have 20 more I have to make (for organized swaps), and then I can do the fun stuff. Hopefully I will get some serious time in the next few days (even if it means a little less sleep)!

Connor started school on the 5th for the summer. He's starting to like it. The first few days were a little rough for him I think... no bad reports from his teachers, just a seriously grumpy little boy at pick-up time. The last few days he has been happy and even answered a few of my standard mom questions (Did you have fun? What was your favorite thing today?). He was very happy today. He got to sit next to his best buddy at lunch! Unfortunately, we found out T was in a different class on the first day of school. That might explain a little of the grump.

Clara has been a shrieker for the last few days. She's just not a happy camper unless we are outside running around the yard. Okay... sometimes she is happy running around the kitchen. I think her second top tooth is breaking through again. I hate how they pop out and then disappear again! Anyhoo... at this time Clara looks like she's been in a fight. We were outside when she decided she could walk down our front stairs without any help. I figured she would stop, like she's always done in the past. Imagine my shock (and horror) as she stuck her foot out into the abyss. She got soooo lucky! She caught the first step with her face. The edge was right under her nose. Then she flipped and landed sitting up-ish. She banged the front of her head a little, but she was wearing a hat, so her skin stayed intact. That fall could have been so bad... that's all I want to think about that.

On another note, I'd like to ask for some prayers for our family. Michael's right on the edge of getting orders. The wait is driving me crazy. We are also in the process of some other big decisions. These will have a MAJOR affect on our family (hopefully all positive). There's just some pretty big things brewing for us and heavenly guidance is required. Thanks!


sarah said...

good thing she didn't bite her tongue in half.

sarah said...
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