Friday, July 20, 2007

Tracey needs...

Cute little game... just type "*your name* needs" into the google search bar and see what comes up. Then write the first 10 things.

1. a spa and a swimming pool.(AMEN!)
2. McCoy's help isolating the agent that has allowed the Kohms to live for centuries (damn Star Trek follows me everywhere)
3. to learn trust.
4. to learn that its not always about her.
5. someone to have her back.
6. friends.
7. to be played as more petulant and dissatisfied.
8. someone with a heart.
9. to be committed along with her supporting cast
10. our prayers.

Some of these are funny. All have been true at one point or another... well except the Star Trek one. That's just weird. Have a good day!

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