Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I remembered!

This is me posting! Beautiful, ain't it? :-D

So.. I've been trying to figure out what happened this month. It hasn't been too hard. I have over 300 pictures to remind me! So I guess I should go chronologically.

Connor started "PREschool" (this is how he says it). He had a great first day. He really thrives off the social interaction.

Clara became a diva. If she sees shoes abandoned on the floor she puts them on and "walks" around in them. If she can also carry a purse she is in baby heaven.

Connor got a lot of practice being Superman on the swing.

Clara got her share of airtime on the trampoline.

You lookin' at me?

It's fall here! I'm excited to see the colors. This is the tree in our yard. It's one of the first to turn. I can't wait for the whole works!

Well, there's the short of it. Hehe. I will now resume my normal posting schedule!

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