Friday, October 26, 2007

Some photos

So... I'm pretty sure you've been missing seeing photos here. I sure miss seeing them! So here are a few.

Connor has been a real goofball lately. He's so funny! He also wants to do everything Clara does... whether it's being flipped by Daddy, riding Clara's school bus... or wearing her headband!

A few days ago Clara was upset she couldn't get her kitty to ride the motorcycle. I helped put kitty on and was a little surprised when Clara rushed to climb on behind her. She played this way for about 10 minutes... an eternity for a baby.

This picture reminds me that I totally believe in the differences between boys and girls. Clara loves anything you can hug. Give Clara a baby and she will give it kisses and try to feed it. Connor didn't even notice babies... unless he needed something to throw. Now he does love to take care of them. They have a doll center at PREschool. His teacher said if he can't do a building center he heads straight for the dolls.

I had noticed that Connor was wanting to play with his blocks a lot. Each morning when I get him from his room he has usually built something. Today I built with him for a little while. I'm amazed at how much he's growing. We built a house for the little people doggy. It had to have a door and we had to figure out a way to cover the windows while doggy took a nap. I grabbed the opportunity this afternoon to take a few pictures of him creating. It was fun watching him deliberately pick out colors and shapes of blocks. My baby's growing!

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