Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas at Our Place

This year we had Christmas at our place. It's been a lot of fun! Nana, PopPop, and Mo (aka Neil) came up from VA to visit us. I love my family (but I seriously miss my sister)! I thought I'd continue my recent blogging style and offer you a holiday in review.

Connor, Nana, and I made a gingerbread house together. It was from a kit, but I bought some extra candy to use. This was so much fun. Of course, nearly the entire thing had Connor's licked fingers stuck on it. And yes, by the end he was as hopped up on sugar as he looks.

I... ehr... Santa brought Michael a huge Toblerone. This is a source of contention in our home. Let me ask you. Exactly how long can a Toblerone sit on your counter before you have to start eating it?

Clara got all of her favorite things for Christmas. Nana and PopPop brought her pretty shoes and a purse and Santa brought a doll baby, stroller, and Elmo. She spent Christmas day literally doing laps around our house pushing the stroller. She immediately started growing a circular bruise on her forehead, the result of falling over into the stroller as she tried to load her baby into it.

My sister made these awesome dolls for Connor and Clara. I'm so glad I finally got that sewing machine to her!

Connor got lots of good inside play toys. Here he is with the dominoes Nana and PopPop brought. He can't quite do them himself (no patience), but Nana would set them up while he played and then call him over when the time came to knock them over. His eyes would just light up and of course he would immediately say "Let's set them up again!"

We've had a great Christmas! I hope you've enjoyed yours. Have a happy new year! ~:-D

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