Monday, February 11, 2008

A Belated Birthday

*Just in case you were wondering, I've been a slacker blogger. I will slowly update about January as we go along, but I figured it was best to blog anything rather than continue to be overwhelmed by the past. ~:-D*

Connor's birthday came and went while we were in Minnesota, but he just had to have his special day at preschool. Each child acts as the special helper at least once a month. They are responsible for snack and can bring in something for show and tell. There are various other perks, but I'm a little hazy on those, since Connor doesn't want to tell me what they are. Anyway, a birthday is automatically a special helper day. I arranged for Connor to be special helper when we returned. He was very excited. When I asked if he wanted me to make cupcakes (egg and dairy free, of course), he said no very quickly. Evidently he doesn't like cupcakes anymore. I must say, I was a little at a loss. He can't have cookies or ice cream and our standard crackers or popcorn aren't "special" enough. Then I had a flash a brilliance.

I told you I was brilliant! The boy was thrilled with the idea. So, I made jigglers (well it wasn't as easy as that... there was of course an 11pm trip to Walmart involved... but that's another story). They came out beautifully and were a hit according to Connor. He came home very happy and wearing his special birthday ribbon.

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