Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lala-lala. Lala-lala. Elmo's World.

Yes, this song plays continuously in my head. We don't even watch Sesame Street that much, due to extreme whining on the part of Connor. He's never really liked it. I know. It's blasphemy. Anyway, I just figured I should post something here. :-)

Speaking of extreme whining...

Connor has been working overtime on his pity cry. It comes if we look at him funny or even laugh at his joke the wrong way. He said the other day, "Momma, I'm a good actor." When I asked who told him that, he wouldn't answer until I guessed his teacher. Then he gave his silly sheepish grin and said "Yeah." I guess he's been turning it on at school too.

Clara has been a barrel of personality. Just look!

She's been teething (I think based on all the random screaming fits - or she's just a high strung 1 yo). We are still waiting on some teeth that should have showed a year ago. I'm not too worried...

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