Saturday, June 07, 2008

So glad...

we have good insurance. While there is a lot to complain about with military health care, if we need to go to the emergency room we never have to worry about how we'll pay for it. That is a good thing because we've had 3 separate visits since January... once while in Minnesota. Our latest occurred last night. Clara is the first in our family to have stitches.

Aren't they beautiful? Two little stitches. They match her eyes. Of course today is the first ever she didn't want her picture taken. It's funny how they know when you really want to document something... I tried several times to take her picture. This is the first in focus with a view of the little cut.

I have to brag about how good she was. She stayed very still while being repaired. She didn't even flinch. Of course she was all wrapped up like a mummy to keep her from fighting. We should have put the wraps on her while I held the anesthetic on her lip instead. That was the real fight... but of course mommy prevailed in the end. Today she has been walking around telling everyone about the "boo-boo on wip". Very cute. Now I just need to train her to say "I'm two" by Thursday. ~:-)

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