Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Birthday Party

Let me preface this by saying, my forte is not planning. I operate best and most creatively under pressure and that pressure is normally time. This is all just another way of saying that I am a total flop at planning birthday parties. If you want people to be able to come, you have to let them know more than a few days in advance. Fortunately, my kids don't know any better yet. Next year, however, there may be trouble if I don't mend my ways...

All that said, Connor had a super fun party! I decided in November that a science party was the way to go. I'm not really big on character themes (when boys are concerned it almost always ends in mock fighting, which is ok in small groups...) and some of the other more generic fun themes had already been done by friends. So science it was. I used my lovely friend the internet and found www.SteveSpangler.com. This site can make anyone look like a magical science guru. Lots of fun experiments with instructions and links to a fabulous online store. Connor and I love to watch the videos. I could do this! I could throw a great party... but after finding the link to Mad Science, I came to the conclusion, why should I? They have all the supplies and already have a program... I decided to let them do it. That's when my flawed nature came into play. You kind of need to call and schedule those things in order to continue to make your plans. In the end, we had 2 friends come and had a blast! Lots of dry ice fun. I would recommend Mad Science to anyone. :-)

They began with a simple water trick. The kids had to follow which cup had the water in it. In the end the water got dumped on the birthday kid, except there was no water!

Then came the dry ice. Mmm...

I love their expressions in this one!

In the end, I can't believe my baby has turned 5! He's such a helper. I love you soooo much Connor!

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onescrappygal said...

I'm so sorry we missed all the fun! Stupid virus! Bane of my existence!