Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clara at 3

Holy Cow! My baby is 3!

I still remember her as a tiny little thing. In this picture she is about 2 weeks old. She was a very awake and aware baby. And very easy...

At three, Clara is a very bright little girl. Her teachers at school love her and comment on how "sharp" she is. Her favorite thing is playing outside, followed closely by dressing up in her princess dress and taking care of her babies.

She's not much of an eater... a little more picky than her brother, but she LOVES vegetables. I know! Strange child! She frequently requests that I make broccoli. She also likes "macky-oni and cheese" and "dog corns". :-D

Clara has a bit of a stubborn streak. She's still surprised by not getting her way and can throw a good tantrum. We're still figuring out what works as far as discipline for her. When she's really mad, you can just see her brain clicking away...

She sings continuously, often making up her own songs. She stomps any bug she sees. Sometimes I jokingly tell Connor to get his sister to "take care" of that spider for him, and he does! And she will!

I love my little Bean!

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