Friday, April 22, 2005

Being productive

Today I am being productive! Huh-ray! I was pretty productive yesterday too. See, I'm having people over on Saturday and I'm trying to avoid the cleaning frenzy the hours before they get here. Then I'm just all worn out and can't really enjoy what's happening.

I also know Michael won't be much help. He has duty today. He must have tons of work... he's gone in at 5:30 two days in a row and arranged his day today so that he will be free to work overnight. Understand that he has to stand watch throughout the day, he gets all kinds of different "taskings" throughout the day, and he has his own jobs to take care of. I worry when he works so hard (like he's been doing lately).

Connor seems better today. Only one poo-poo diaper when he got up this morning. Thank God! He's got a really bad diaper rash. So bad he screams when I open the diaper (from the air hitting it). It sucks. I hate hurting him, even for his own good. He's taking an early nap now (which I should probably wake him from) and we'll see how it goes after that. I need to shovel some food into him. He's not eating much still. He did play (very calmly) this morning. He's still being clingy.

I guess that's it for now. Here's me as a South Park character (which is funny because I don't think I'm really south park material... but I could be wrong).
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Anonymous said...

how did you make yourself into a south park character... I WANNA!!