Monday, June 06, 2005


So... long time, no post. Can you tell Connor has gone to just one nap a day? Let's see if I can do an update in a relatively small amount of space...

The last month's not been too eventful for me. Michael went to Charlotte for the All Star race one weekend (and got the first speeding ticket! Woo hoo it wasn't me!). Over Memorial Day his parents visited from Minnesota. It went a whole lot better than I thought. It was a relaxing weekend! :-) Connor "joined" the gym, so now I can go in the mornings. I love it. He likes playing with the other kids too. I think that's all for me this month. Like I said, not that eventful.

Next weekend our child from Ukraine will be arriving. I'm excited and nervous. I think I know what to expect, but I know I don't really. I guess I shouldn't say he will be arriving... there have been a few yellow tape issues around getting them here, specifically getting their visas. Hopefully, as of Thursday, all the big troubles will be over.

I'm helping to direct the children's musical at church this year. We had our first rehearsal yesterday. It was a little frustrating, but more because of obnoxious parents than anything else. I think it will be fun.

On a very happy note, we will be getting high speed tomorrow! Hurray! I'm so ready. We've been having trouble with some dialer malware. Let's just say our last phone bill was a bit of a surprise. It was taken care of though (money-wise), we just can't seem to find the program on the computer. Everytime we think we have it caught, it will show up again. Luckily, the scans are catching it before it actually does the dirty deed. :-)

I guess that's the long and short of it. If your wondering about my weight loss... well, I don't want to talk about it right now. Maybe next time. Read between the lines if you will...


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