Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I figured there was no time like the present to finally post. I've had a rough week and a half. Last week we took Connor to the Emergency Room. He wasn't breathing right. If you want the technicals... he was having moderate substernal, intercostal, and supraclavicular retractions with a respiratory rate in the 60s and diffuse rhonchi with wheezing. He was okay most of the day, but when we got him up from his late nap, he never got out of that I-just-woke-up look. He had me nervous so we went to Portsmouth. They took us right back and gave him a treatment, so at least I know I wasn't overreacting. He got over his wheezing with 2 treatments and his chest film was clear. The next day we went to his normal pediatrician to find out he has an ear infection. I sure wish they had seen that the night before at Portsmouth. It would have saved me a lot of money! Anyway, he's doing better now, but I have bronchitis. It's a beautiful world!

I decided not to color my hair. I went to get my hair done for the Sub Ball on Saturday and the hair stylist talked me out of it. Evidently true blondes are very rare. Go figure. She also gave me a little hope about my hack job of a haircut. She said it's almost to a good length to cut. Yay! Maybe I'll go pay an arm and leg to have her do it...

We had training about our child coming from Ukraine. Have I even written about this here? Well, in June we will begin hosting a 9 yo from Ukraine for 6 weeks. He's from the area of Chernobyl, so the 6 weeks will give his body time to rest and recover. I read somewhere that just 3 weeks in an uncontaminated environment can add 6 years to his life. That alone make this worth it. I am excited. Michael's excited about having another boy around the house. He already has a list of stuff he wants to do while Dima's here.

I guess that's it. I'll try to post more often.

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