Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So I have this friend... well, I guess I really wouldn't call her a friend. She once threatened to "beat the **** out of" my "prissy white ***". And I haven't really seen her since high school. Her name is Robin. We had classes together off and on, most notably Studio Theatre our senior year. For some reason, Robin decided about halfway through the year she really hated me (or something like that). I think the actual deal was that there were a few of us in the class that were really involved (after school and such) and she saw us as our teacher's favorites (she probably wasn't far off). Anyway, I think I was just the most vulnerable and easy to pick on in the group (I must say I was an emotional sissy... you know, the nobody-likes-me type). She was good at getting under my skin too. Eventually, there was some weird kind of peace made (I don't remember when or why) and by the end of the year we got along okay.

Well, long ago story back to now... I saw Robin on the news a few days ago (and in the days since). She tried to smother her 4 year old son. Wow. I started crying when I first saw the report. That is so sad. She wanted to hurt her kid's father so bad she was willing to kill her child. I want to give her a hug. This is strange for me. I guess it's because I know her. Normally I get so angry about this kind of thing, but I think (judging by the news reports) it's obvious she's at least a little mentally ill. There's no history of abuse of the child, just this one thing. His father just wants to get her help. I hope she gets some. This makes me so sad.

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