Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Having to jump back on the horse.

Great joy in the morning! Hehe... Yip-a-dee-doo-dah! Okay... I think I got all the country out for today.

So I have to get back on the horse. Meaning, of course, that I fell off. Well, it was a semi-forced hiatus. I couldn't go to the gym while Dima was here due to the extreme cost of a visitor pass. However, I also did not actively search out other opportunities to "get physical" (that song's about working out, right?). Fortunately, despite the increase in eating out and picnic food, I didn't gain back too much weight. I am a little disappointed that I gained some back, but I only have myself to blame. Anyway, the plan is to start back at the gym this week. I'll stop again for a little while due to a trip to see The Wiggles (yes... I am going to see The Wiggles live) but I will already have child watch appointments for the following week. It should be good. I'm ready to get back to working out.

Last night I worked on our lawn/jungle. It took me sooo long to cut the grass. I also ended up raking up the clippings due to the sheer volume of them.

Okay so I should go. Connor is doing his best shrieking parakeet imitation in the next room. TTFN!

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