Friday, August 04, 2006

And I'm back..

Okay. Maybe I will eventually get back in the habit of posting regularly again. I hope I do, because I like blogging. It's therapeutic... well at least it's another way to blow off steam. I also like that I can read if I'm being irrational or not. Does that make sense? So anyway... I am very tired, but want to write before I'm off to bed.

I'm going to be a chief's wife. Wow. I never really thought it would happen. Well, that's not true. It's just nothing I dreamed about or pictured myself as or anything. At least not now. That was for older people than me. Is it odd to be 26 and a chief's wife? I guess not when your hubby's 4 years older than you. Eh. Like I need more aging! I think I'm the oldest 26yo I've met... I've always felt like an old lady. I guess that's what happens when you marry at 18. You start doing old married lady things. It would have been fun to be an average 20-something. Probably not though. I'm not the party type and I tend to feel isolated in groups... so I don't know that real college would have been for me. I liked my TCC experience with a specialized class of 13 (in the end) and my normal life still in charge. I also never had to do that awkward dating thing. Dear Lord... Michael better not die young. I'll be in real trouble! Hehe.

Wow, that took an unexpected turn! I guess that's what happens when I'm tired.

Speaking of tired... I am tired of the *ahem* hell-hole that is my house. I just can't keep up by myself. I never really have been any good at housework stuff. Adding 2 kids to the whole time management equation just completely screws me up. It's weird because I normally thrive under a time limit. But with these kids I don't have time! Connor (thankfully) is getting better. He doesn't need constant supervision anymore. I don't fear for his life if I walk out of the room (yes, I'm being literal). That means I can put in laundry and do some general tidying up stuff in other rooms. The only problem is he follows me everywhere. And he wants to help. I guess that's a good thing, but half the time the area I need to clean has been so neglected that he should not come near it (again for fear of his life). What this means is my living room is really clean while the rest of my house is disgusting. I haven't washed the kitchen floor in ages. My office (previously organized and pleasant - see an earlier entry) is all stacks of paper and boxes of crap. The front room (guest/stamping room) has a bed covered in stamping paraphenalia and cat hair, corners stacked with shelfless books, piles of empty boxes and retired stamps. And my bedroom is a mess. I guess Connor's room is fairly clean. I just need to run the vacuum in there. Anyway, all this and Michael's parents are coming in 1 month. We are supposed to be moving in 3 months. That means "showing" the house to potential renters and having strangers pack my things (and go through all the dirty corners of my house). Ahhh! A little stress. Fortunately, Michael will be away soon, which will free up my evenings for cleaning. Off course, I will be a single parent again... but I'm pretty much getting used to that (sad, huh?).

I guess I've whined enough for one night. I hope I can be more positive next time. At least I'm being honest. I've resolved not to do the happy face thing through this move and stuff. That's just a sure road to depression. Better to let it out. Then at least someone will know if I'm getting deep in. Well, assuming this thing even is read by anyone! ;-) Anyhow... good night!

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