Saturday, August 26, 2006

Proud of myself

I'm really doing well without Michael here. Normally by now I would be starting to get the "blahs". You know, not depressed, just not happy. I am doing okay though. I guess that's the upside of kids. I haven't had time to pity myself or anything. On the other hand, time is really going slowly. I feel every half hour of time. That kinda sucks.

I am about an hour and two loads of laundry away from having the front room clean. I need to super vacuum it also. Then the door will be shut so the cats cannot enter. It's gross how much hair there is on any flat surface in that room. You can tell that's their place to hide from Connor. Poor things.

That room being clean and organized will bring me one step closer to being ready for our move. It also makes me really want a four bedroom in housing. Otherwise this move will be a serious shock to my system. I have been spoiled by our huge house. To have significantly smaller rooms and lose a whole room would be too much! Anyway, I found some floorplans so I kind of know what to expect. Here they are...

I am hoping for the house, but not holding my breath. There is also a 4 bedroom duplex. It has the same layout as the townhouse. Anyway, they aren't too shabby. I've already been warned that there is no A/C. That will be weird. Of course, that far north they don't normally need it. Unfortunately, several families from our boat moved up there right before the heat wave this year. Yeah, greater than 100 without air... not fun. I'm really glad we didn't move in July!

Well, I'm off to bed. Setting up for a long morning tomorrow...

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