Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Wi nilk in eh?"

This is Connor-ese. Something I feel at times I am totally fluent in and at others I'm just left going "eh?" Anyway, this is our normal morning discussion.

Good morning Connor.
Oh hi mama. I ree book.
I see. Are you ready to get up?
I ree Curus George.
Okay. Let's get dressed.
I wan go park.
We'll see. Maybe.
Oh. Okay.

While getting him ready, the following takes place.

Cay-ha awake?
Yes. She's laying on mommy's bed.
Oh. Cay-ha wake up?
Yup. She woke up a little while ago.
(yelling) Cay-ha! Wake up!
She's already awake, Connor. Do you want to go get her?
Yes. Cay-ha wake up!

Once downstairs, it's time for breakfast.

Do you want cereal, Connor?
Yes. Wi nilk in eh.
In a bowl with milk?
Yes. I wan nilk in eh.
Okay. Climb in your chair.
Aww... I wan a nana.
When you finish your cereal.
Okay. (pause) All done!
I haven't even given you your cereal yet!
Oh. Okay. I wan goto park. Ride in ban. New car.
We'll see Connor.
Aww... I miss my daddy.

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sarah said...

you two crack me up!