Friday, August 11, 2006

Woah! Big boy!

Well, after staying up a little more after my last post, I was also awakened at around 1am by my hubby. He needed a little decompression time. I don't think he meant to wake me, but it was a good thing for him. Poor thing was trying to look at his list of rules for his charge book and all the greetings and sayings he has to memorize. I hope while he's underway now he is getting time to work on that stuff. He is the only PCPO currently on the boat (the other 2 lucky guys got left behind), so I'm sure his life is pretty interesting.

Life has been okay here. Connor realized yesterday that he hadn't seen his daddy since Sunday. He cried almost all day... except for the hour and a half we spent at the park. We were supposed to do something with church. I changed my mind about that as we drove away from the house. He wouldn't stop whining and crying and Clara was joining in. Since I had told him we'd be going to the park, I just rerouted to our local big playground. We had fun. I'm surprised Connor isn't really sore today. He did a lot of new things, like trying to climb the monkey bars and such. There was another little boy that arrived about a half hour before we left and he and Connor just started following each other around. They'd say, "this way" and "up there" and "this slide". It was fun to watch. Of course, the other boy was 3 1/2 and Connor had 2 inches on him. That's when I feel for him about his size and age... he looks old enough to have more body control. The most common reaction when I tell people his age is, "Woah! Big boy!" I guess I'll get used to it eventually. That or he will finally stop growing for 2 days time! :-)

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