Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You know what sucks?

That would be filing an insurance claim on your birthday. Especially when it's technically your fault. I hate Walmart... particularly their parking lots. Sunday afternoon I went to Walmart with my MIL to buy some bottles for my picky daughter. They didn't have what we needed (of course) so we were leaving to go to Target. I was backing out when I heard a crunch. Didn't even feel it, that's how slow I was going. As I was backing out a kid tried to drive around behind me. Too bad the traffic was stopped further down the aisle. So anyway, my bumper is smushed in and the dude has a large rounded dent in his 95 neon. Hopefully it won't take long to have it fixed. Also, yesterday I had a near flat tire which had to be plugged. The lady at the tire place said I was very close to needing new tires, especially the front set. My FIL figures the previous owner never rotated the tires. That's great. In addition, one of the tires had 50-some psi in it... it's supposed to be 32. Hmm... About this time I am really beginning to wonder about CarMax's certification process. I guess you live and learn. I hope these first 3 weeks don't predict our future with this vehicle!

Well, the baby wants lunch so ta-ta!

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