Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All scheduled

Well, we got our requested ship date. In English, that means we have been scheduled to move on the day we requested. They take 2 days to pack and "ship" on the second day. This is very good. We will be able to get the carpets cleaned and then get on our way to CT. That means we can check in on the day we expected which means we "should be alright" to get housing right away. I didn't write about that latest mini drama. The wait list (which we had been told by the command was non-existent) is actually 1-3 months. Isn't that exciting. If we have to wait we will be sent into town for housing and then given a "complimentary move". Gee thanks. Fortunately, the lady said that with our expected arrival date we should be able to get housing right away. I just ask for your prayers about that, as we need as little trauma to Connor as possible.

On that note, thank God I used my better judgment today. I almost told Connor at bedtime that he would get to see his daddy tomorrow. Thank God I didn't. The boat was supposed to be in overnight tomorrow, allowing for "pier liberty", meaning the guys can visit with their families on the pier or in the parking lot. There was a change of plans and it isn't happening. I'm soooo glad I didn't tell the little man. He just wouldn't understand. Poor baby. He misses Michael so much. He has started telling me he dreams about daddy. He looks at Michael's pictures on our walls constantly and says "That daddy". We just have 2 weeks to wait to see him after this, but it is still a long time. I can tell it's getting to me... I've become an email stalker. I check email everytime I walk by the computer, just hoping for a short email. It's sick and desperate really, but still rather funny. It's probably a common occurrence amongst military wives.

I should head to bed, I guess. Morning comes early around here! ~:-)

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