Friday, October 20, 2006

For Rent

Our house has a sign in front of it. Ick. Mainly ick for having to get it show ready. I am having trouble with it. I'm not a great housekeeper and the neglect just builds up. I have been cleaning and decluttering as I can, and still the office is barely passable and my room is... well... unmentionable. I am just frustrated because I have been pouring nearly every free minute I have into working on this place and it still looks like crap. Well, the upstairs does. Well, just those 2 rooms I guess, so I have made progress. I'm still frustrated though. It really sucked yesterday when it was shown in this despicable condition. *gasp* I'm trying not to think about it. The good thing was, even in this icky condition, the chick loved it and applied for it right away. Unfortunately, she had a "horrible credit score". Sorry... you can't live here! I love having someone else to say that for me! I definitely recommend getting a good property manager if you ever rent your home. So far (like it's been that far!) it's great!

We are still #6 on the housing wait list. Hopefully, come the end of the month that number will go down a lot. The more I think about it, the more ticked I am. Michael and I were told that you could get housing immediately up there... well it doesn't seem that way. I really don't want to be in hotel for Thanksgiving... have I said that already? Our anniversary is also that week, so it would be good to have a "home" for that too. Grr. I'm just so pleasant to listen to tonight. I guess I'm just tired... tired of waiting to move, tired of Michael being gone, tired of cleaning, tired of being a single parent, tired of feeling incompetent with all the moving stuff, tired of worrying about... TIRED!

Let's change mindsets right now. I am a strong, smart, military wife. I have handled filling out forms and scheduling moving alone, and with flair! I have single-handedly cleaned my neglected home (most of the way) while caring for a challenging 2 year old and a 4 month old. I have done all this while handling my 2 year old's breakdowns... without having one myself. I am amazing! I should be president... I guess I shouldn't push it. Besides, who would want that job?

I guess I should get back to cleaning now that I've inspired myself. Actually the fear of further embarrassment is pretty darn inspiring itself! Ta!


sarah said...

you are amazing.
i miss you.
maybe i can help with one of the 2 rooms when i come to visit.
most of joe's friends are going out of town for halloween fun.
which is great because we can go dancing/hang out whenever.


Catherine said...

I can't imagine being a single parent AND having to do all that extra stuff getting ready to move. You're doing great! Keep the faith! The finish line is in sight!