Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I officially started my goodbyes last night. I went to my last Stampin' Up group meeting for a while. This group is all of the demonstrators under my upline, Seijra. Normally there are 4 of us at this meeting. We do a "shoebox swap" where we design a card and bring the supplies for everyone to make one. We also chat a lot and just have fun. Last night we went out to eat and stamped at the restaurant. It was fun. It was special because I really feel close to this group, even though we only see each other once a month and have totally different lives. It was surprisingly hard. I'm really going to miss our Monday meeting. :-( I'm sad.

A lady came from the moving company to survey our stuff today. It was really quick. The major development is that our TV is going to be crated. Someone will come over and build a box for it. We still have the original box, but it became a mouse house sometime back. Let's just say it's gross. Anyway, they destroyed the styrofoam inserts that actually hold the TV tight in the box. Normally the Navy will pay for the crate, so we'll see if that happens. We will be guarding this box more carefully than the last, as I'm sure the Navy won't pay for another box.

Something I am not sad about is the fact that Michael is coming "home" on Friday. Yay! I miss him way bunches and such. It will be good to be a family again... and well... it will be good to have a hubby around again. :-) We are having a fun date night and finally going to a restaurant I've been wanting to visit since I heard about it. We'll be hitting up The Melting Pot. Then I think we're just going to walk on the beach or do something simple like that. We may even just go home. Not sure... we'll play it by ear. After that, it's time to get busy! Time to separate out our things and pack for the trip and install a shower door and... well... time to do lots of stuff in a little bit of time.

I should head to bed! Busy day tomorrow! ~:-)


SARAH! said...

this blog made me cry.
visiting home won't be the same.
i miss you!

Tracey said...

No crying! I haven't yet, so you can't yet! I miss you too. ~:-)

Sarah said...

i really need an update.. starting to worry and stuff.