Monday, November 06, 2006

Our time is growing short.

Wow. The week has flown by and now it's just 7 short days before the movers are packing out my house. I'm sad and glad it's finally here. I just want it to be over. The anticipation has been killing me... worrying me to death, anyway. Tomorrow the lady from the moving company is coming over to do our pre-move survey. She will see what kind of stuff we have and estimate boxes needed and such. *sigh* I just wish it were over. Tomorrow I also need to get the car inspected and the oil changed so it's ready for the trip. On Wednesday I'm getting new tires for the van. I have a friend from church that's hooking me up with a good price. I just wanted to go to someone I know... he's so nice. Anyway, I just wanted to jot an update while I had a free moment. Now it's time to grab a shower. Ta!


Catherine said...

Sniff, sad that you're leaving soon...sorry I missed you at church on Sunday. Hopefully I'll see you this week!

Tracey said...

Thanks! I hope I see you too! ~:-)