Friday, December 08, 2006

My favorite age

Clara is in my favorite age... or rather developmental stage, since all babies are different. I just love them around 6 months old. Just starting to sit alone, still pretty dependent and willing to cuddle on occasion. Babies are so great!

Clara can't stand to lay back in her seat anymore. If she does, it's because she's worn out and I've popped in her binkie. Otherwise, she's straight up. She'll do this in her carrier too. I have to keep her strapped in.

"Look at me ma! I'm sitting!" Clara's pretty sturdy sitting up now... on carpet anyway. I won't set her up downstairs. I don't care for a hospital visit for head injury!

It's the raspberry queen. This is Clara's most recent form of self entertainment. She will soak her shirt with spit (and snot). Then, all wet and slobbery, I will pick her up and she will attack my face. I love this baby!

One more note - it is so great to hear how gorgeous your baby is. It just makes you want to take all the credit! ;-D Today at the clinic people went out of their way to come see her and comment on her beauty. That's my girl! ~:-D

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Catherine said...

That was a fun stage...I miss it! I love all the cute pictures of Clara!