Friday, December 08, 2006

Funny how life...

you can fill in the blank. I've been busy already today. Connor got up about a half hour after I posted... or rather I went to check him and he was "awake". I found him sitting on the edge of his bed, staring out the window, wheezing away. That's right friends. Connor's cold turned into his annual asthma fest! Woo hoo! Being the smart respiratory therapist I am (hehe) I whipped out his inhaler and squirted away. It didn't exactly have the desired effect. Since I haven't (hadn't) figured out how the medical thing works up here, I called the clinic to see what they do (in VA you just head straight to the ER with wheezes). Up here, you make an appointment to be evaluated (unless you are about to die, of course). Yay! I made said appointment and of course Connor needed a nebulizer treatment. *sigh* At least he's predictable. Fortunately, he only needed one treatment. We picked up his meds and headed home. Poor kiddo. He did so well listening and such. He was just excited that it was his turn to go to the doctor. Silly kid.

As a side note, it is so extremely cold here today. The kind of cold that makes you gasp and then cough because it stings. When I looked at the weather this morning it said it was 19 here. Brrr! The van said it was 31 in the sun when we left the clinic. Ah! I need to figure out something for our front door... I may need to call the housing people. It won't lock if it's closed all the way (read against the weatherproofing strip). It is also on the river-side, meaning the wind is constantly blowing on that side of the house. Today you can actually feel the breeze coming through about 10ft from the door! I was wondering why the front was always so much colder than the back. Anyway, I taped some felt over the "seam". It is at least slowing the flow of frigid air. I'll come up with a better solution soon. Hmm... ~:-)

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