Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm still alive...

I know, because I'm still miserable. Okay, not as miserable as I have been. I am getting better, with professional help. I had the loverly flu last week. Fever, chills, aches, congestion, cough... etc. Friday I started to feel better but then my snot turned yellow in the evening. On Saturday I officially decided that I had a sinus infection and needed to see a doctor ASAP (Monday). Sunday further supported that conclusion. This morning I woke up with a little sinus pressure (compared to the intense pain from Sunday), but a killer ear pain. Man. I hate it when my body is predictable. The same thing happened last year with my annual sinus-pressure-fest. So at 6:30 this morning when the call center opened I made my appointment. Michael came home to watch the kids (thank God!) and I headed off to see what was said. He said I have a sinus infection and that he thought my ear pain was referred. I got heavy duty Motrin, heavy duty decongestant, and augmentin. I feel better already. I'm still tired and cranky, but that's a pretty frequent thing for me. The funny thing is my ear with "referred" pain popped this afternoon and has been leaking ever since. Luckily my antibiotic will cover that too. Anyway, I wanted to update everybody on that situation.

The kids so far have not gotten that ill. Connor had a few days of a very mild fever and congestion and fatigue, but he seems to be making it through. Clara came out clean as a whistle (except for being a little ticked at me - I had some feeding issues due to fatigue and such). She is suffering from something a little different. Finally she is getting teeth! She has a bumpy lump right in the bottom middle and I don't think there's a second of the day that she isn't chewing on something. I'm kind of scared about this, because she is a biter. She comes at you with her mouth open all the time. She likes to chew chins (something I hate btw, but seems to be cute to others). Well, I need to get to bed... or at least sit here mindlessly watching Michael play Lego Star Wars 2 for a little while. Have a great day tomorrow!

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