Monday, April 09, 2007

Hi there...

how are you? I been a little neglectful of my blogs recently. There's always something else to do! My parents came up last week for a visit. It was good. They visited our new church and we went to the aquarium twice! Connor now wakes up asking what adventure we're going on today. Very cute. Clara has a second tooth (which pushed through while they were here) and now, judging by the little sleep I got last night, she's working on some more. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Eating at Mystic Pizza. I think this will be a stop every time they are up. It's really good pizza. (and I had extreme self control!) Of course Clara had to eat too! Unfortunately she's a little to young to appreciate pizza, so she had so green baby food and sweet potato stars.

Nana and Pop-Pop with the babies. Connor wasn't very happy to have to stop for a picture. He was constantly moving from one exhibit to the next the whole time we were there.

Connor was once again being restrained for a photo op. The series of these is great. He started throwing a fit, but Nana started tickling him. In the end I got this great picture of the two of them.

Connor and the beluga whale. The whales are so pretty.

After eating out so much this week and not being as diligent about journaling my food, I assumed I would not have a great loss this week. (Last week I actually gained 0.6, so I was a little bummed) Boy was I surprised on Saturday morning when I lost 4.6. Turns out I wasn't eating enough the week before. Hehe. Funny how that works. I felt full, so I stopped eating, but my baby feeding body wasn't really being fueled. I can tell you I'm going to miss all those extra points when I wean her all the way! Anyway... I also had a great non-scale victory (NSV) this week. I had to dress shop for the sub ball on Friday... I totally zipped up a size I've never worn in my adult life. I wouldn't say it zipped easily, and there was some serious vanity sizing involved, but still... I had a moment. Wow. I think I said that about 20 times... and I still am. I am so gonna be hot... er... healthy. ~;-D

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sarah said...

aww. i can't wait to see you guys. contact me with the travel info. :0)