Thursday, April 12, 2007

Checking in

Hi! Not much to say here... just checking in. Things are good here. Going to the sub ball tomorrow. So glad I found a dress. I will try to take pictures. Other than that, I'm getting ready for our visit to VA next weekend. I'm way excited! I get to visit "home" and go to a stamping event all in one weekend. We are also closing on our house. Yay!

The kids are good. Connor was super sweet this evening and cuddled with me on the sofa for a while. He discovered online games (specifically Noggin and Nick Jr.) yesterday. I've had to start using the timer to control his computer time. He's so good on the computer it's scary. I wonder if kids are coming out with computer friendly brains these days. Clara made a small leap between a chair and the sofa yesterday... no steps, but she let go and headed for the next place. She officially has 2 teeth now. Unfortunately she likes to bite me randomly throughout the day. Normally it's when she starts to get tired... kind of like I am now! Well, now that the taxes are done (wow, did we procrastinate this year or what?) I can go to bed. I weigh in tomorrow morning, so send skinny vibes my way if you read this in time! ~:-)

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Krissy said...

I got you beat.. I did my taxes last night!! :o