Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Fling

Today was the "Spring Fling" for a family group we're involved in. Although we nearly missed it (I forgot about it in my fog this morning and there were some van keys that were missing), the trouble of getting there was well worth it! It was a beautiful day out, very sunny and a pleasant temperature. It would have been "warm" outside were it not for the wind... shocking I know. *sigh* Anyway, it was a good little picnic.

Connor's favorite activity of the day was the egg hunt. Of course, he thought there was candy in the eggs, but he wasn't too disappointed with the crayons and stickers and such that were actually in these eggs.

Connor was so ready to go. He listened so well for the start, he was the first one in the "egg field".

As soon as he didn't see an egg within easy distance, Connor started opening his prizes. Not much patience in that little boy. He was very pleased to get erasers and ecstatic when the bubbles were passed out.

Clara stayed pretty content in the stroller. But, when we followed Connor to the playground, Clara was more than happy to pass the time in the swing.

Yes, rolling down a hill is still a favorite pastime for children. I remember doing this at my grandparent's house. Connor was so funny. He got to a spot with a few too many sticks and he got up, took a few steps, laid down, and continued rolling. Later he jumped like Superman off the rocks.

Connor with his buddy. You can tell these guys are close... they are starting to fight like brothers!

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