Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sub ball and late Easter pics

We were off last night to the Submarine Birthday Ball. It was our first one in CT, so we weren't really sure what to expect. It was at Foxwoods Casino. The parking was sucky (is that a word?). We drove through 2 full garages before finally finding a garage that was mostly empty. Of course it turned out to be on the other side of the casino from where we needed to be, but that wasn't a big deal until we were leaving and my feet were rebelling against my shoes! This ball was also different from the one in VA because it was the enlisted sub ball. Because this is mainly a sub base, there are too many people to have it combined with the officer types. I was a little worried about this, simply because my friends up here just happen to be officer's wives. This, it turned out, was no big deal. I have to say, this was the best one we've been to yet. I was so much more comfortable than in the past. It was probably just a difference in me, but it was a difference none the less. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures.

Mike and his guys.

The good thing about the separate balls was that I could trade babysitting with my friend Tiffani. It seemed like a great plan until we realized the guys had duty opposite each other, so it we wouldn't be keeping the kids in their own beds both nights like we thought. I figured no big deal for me, but it turned out it was a big deal to Connor. He had a rough night. He cried for quite a while at her house, then he took a loooong time to calm down at home. Like 2:30 in the morning long time. We eve tried to let him sleep with us, but he just kept wiggling and wouldn't stay still enough to relax into sleep. Needless to say, he's a bit of a pain this morning. Hopefully a nap will take car of that.

We did actually celebrate Easter last week. The bunny visited and we went to church. Our church had 3 services in order to fit growing numbers, so we went at 11:30 which was a great pick. The praise band was great this week. We had a great message. I just love it when all the elements come together! Anyway, when we got home I tried to get some pictures of the kids... it didn't really go well. Clara was too tired to cooperate. Here are the best we got.

Even when they don't want to be, they are cute!

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