Thursday, May 24, 2007

All better!

Well, for the moment everyone seems to be well. We'll see how long that lasts! Hehe. Clara's eye is officially clear as of this morning. I will wrestle the drops into her eyes for another 4-6 days. I'm thinking it may be more on the 4 side of things, but we'll see. Maybe she will get used to me holding her eye open and dripping something into it every six hours... right. As it is, the moment I lay her down on the changing table she starts yelling. Poor kid.

So the weather here continues to be lovely. Today hit the mid-80s. It was beautiful. It had been a touch too cool for real warm weather clothes, but that seems to be changing. I will just have to keep a light jacket out for each kid for the mornings. I really like it up here!

Connor has really grown up physically recently. He is being more daring at the playground, more like he used to be. It was funny because when he was younger he was so daring... then the fear hit. He realized he could fall and he was overly cautious. He is just now recovering and realizing he can control his body to do the weird ladders and go up the slides and such.

So, about all the drama a few days ago. Michael was unexpectedly offered the position he has wanted since he made chief. It would be a "good" career move, but it would mean 2 years of sea time. Being that this weekend marks the end of his 10th year of sea time... we were obviously planning on shore duty of some sort. We've "planned" where we're going and such, so this was a big change. It would however mean not moving from here as soon as "planned". After many days and the opinions of every person he works with, Michael decided to turn down the offer. So... all the drama turned out to be for nothing. Sorry if I worried anyone...

I guess that's all for now, I should really head to bed. I keep staying up playing Wii Sports... nothing like having to get up for babies in the morning and being tired and sore! ~:-D

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