Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Can you guess what's wrong with this baby? If you read the title of the post, you might make a good guess. She has pinkeye! It started on Sunday - we were hoping she had just rubbed it a little too much, but by the afternoon it was obvious there was more going on. Thank goodness we kept her home from church! Yesterday we were at the doctor bright and early. She now has eye drops I have to fight in every six hours. She's starting to catch on to the pattern of events that proceed the drop hitting her eyeball and I'm not joking when I say fight. She's one strong little baby!

Aren't these pictures the cutest? Midday we have the best light coming in our front door. I finally got the kiddos to cooperate with a little photo shoot. Connor was serious at first, but quickly turned into a ham. All his "serious" shots have his eyes cutting to the side... there's always some plan turning around in his head. This one was probably "I wonder how I can get mommy to take me outside again..."

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