Sunday, May 13, 2007


It worked! For the last, well, few months I guess, we've been having a really hard time getting Connor to stay in his bed at bedtime. This is a never ending source of frustration for me... I really get upset when he won't stay in bed and giggles and wakes Clara and plays in my room and... it's been lovely around here. We tried moving his bedtime around in case he just wasn't tired and we tried threats and laying with him and ignoring him... nothing has worked. Finally I may have hit on something. He has a little buddy who lives down the street that he just loves. Every day, it's "Can I see T? Can T come over our house? If we go to park, will T be there?" Well, T goes to bed at the same time every night and stays in his bed. So this evening while we were eating dinner I talked to Connor about it. He had said something about being like T (probably about "pre-skoool") and our conversation just naturally flowed to bedtime and how T behaved the night he stayed with us. Anyway, Connor did not get up tonight. I just realized it. A full hour later and there hasn't been a peep from him! Normally the cats are meowing to him and the doors are opening and closing upstairs... but not tonight!

We also started something fun tonight. I have long since tired of Curious George and have been looking for some more substantial books for bedtime. I get a little overwhelmed in the kids section so I finally decided to just start reading him the books I loved when I was a young reader. So, tonight we began Charlotte's Web. I am so happy! I remember just loving that book! It's great because the version I bought has the same pictures as the one I read. I love how a book can give you a warm feeling and remind you of the best parts of being a kid... well books do that for me anyway!

I got a fun treat for mother's day. Clara waved bye-bye while going "Buh!" in the same tone we say "Bye!" It was so cute. She was in the swing at the park (becoming an everyday thing now) and just started doing it. About a week ago I had found my copy of What to Expect in the First Year and that was one of the skills she "may even" be able to do. We really haven't done much of that with her (it's amazing the things you "forget" with the second that were so important with the first) so we had a little session of waving bye to daddy. That was it. Now today she started, and undoubtedly impressed with the reaction she got, she is sure to continue. She has also moved to standing a lot more frequently. I just keep waiting for her to just start walking. She's going to be so much fun!

Well, I need to do some work on my mom's mother's day gift... I know, I'm a slacker! I have the greatest idea for her though, and I really want it to be perfect. I called her today, and we had a good talk (I love our Sunday phone call!) and now I'm really missing her... I think a visit may be in order next month. I just need to figure a better way to drive down there. I need to pick a spot on this end to stop... or maybe I can still stop in our normal spot and make day 1 the long day.

Anyhow... I guess I've blabbered on long enough. There's a ton of other things I could write about (like my killer shopping trip yesterday), but this is a long post with no pictures! Not really my normal style. I don't think I could make it longer without a shot of my beautiful kiddos! So, I guess I'll say ta for now!

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