Saturday, May 12, 2007

Playing in the sun

Ah... warm weather is upon us! Woohoo! We, of course, celebrated by going to the park.

We also went to another park in town and had a "picnic". In other words, we stopped at McDonald's and ate at the park. Connor loved it.

On the weight-loss end of things I am back on track. I decided Sunday night that Monday was a new day. Since then I have be journaling like I should and eating much less junk stuff. Even if a food is a low point snack, it is indeed a snack. That means I shouldn't eat an entire box in a few days time. Anyway, I did much better this week and am down 3 more pounds! Woohoo! I weigh less than Michael now... never thought that would ever happen. I also am no longer lying on my military id. Hehe... it's the little things that count.

Ta for now! ~:-D

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