Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clara's birthday

Clara woke up very happy! Normally she fusses until after she has breakfast, but today she was very content.

We decided that after Clara's morning nap we would head to our local children's museum. It's a fun little place. We had a good time. The outdoor areas were open and they had fun instruments and sound experiments and a place to paint. Connor had a lot of fun. Clara enjoyed crawling and climbing and walking in the "Tot Zone". Then she decided she needed to walk around. She started walking anywhere she could and she was doing a great job of it.

After the museum we headed home for naps. Connor was a little disappointed, but he got over it. Clara quickly fell asleep. She had totally worn herself out!

In the evening we got started on dinner and making our family cake (sans eggs). We went ahead and gave Clara dinner and then her cake. It was very cute.

Michael wanted lots of candles on it.

The candles got blown out with a little help from Connor, Daddy and Mommy.

Mmmm... cake! Clara went slowly, first simply poking the icing with her finger. Then she grabbed it. She didn't seem to like her first taste of icing, but after a crumb of cake she started to eat little bites. Seeing that she was getting a little overwhelmed, I called the "party" over. We headed upstairs for a bath, cuddles and bed. It was a good day!

Clara is such a big girl at 1! She's tall and has a lot of hair (by my standards!). I may even trim a few pieces in the front before too long. She has only her two bottom teeth. She likes to jibber-jabber to anyone who will listen. Yesterday she started saying "uh-oh". She can sign "more", "milk", and "all done". Clara loves music and will dance if it's got a good beat. She's a problem solver and not easily distracted from her goal. All in all... she's my sweet baby!

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