Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Disney pictures

A few days ago our disk from the Disney PhotoPass arrived. If you've ever been to a theme park, you've probably at least seen the photographers that snap your shot at the entrance. They would give you a little ticket and you could get your photo after 3ish... you know what I'm talking about. Well, as always, Disney has taken that one more step. After your first photo you are given a photopass card to use each time you have your picture taken. Photographers are all over the parks... even the water parks. Anyway, you can later find your pictures on the web where you can share them, order them... all the normal digital photo type stuff. I was really impressed. We ordered the CD of all our pictures. It comes with a release so you can make as many prints and copies as you want. So... after all that... here are the pictures!

All over Epcot there were shrub sculptures (that's what I'm calling them) of popular Disney movies. Right at the entrance is Peter Pan, a recent favorite of Connor's. He didn't quite understand why he needed to raise his arm, but it's cute anyway... :-)

Look! I was on vacation with my family. This is one of the reasons I like the photopass thing... family pictures! This was as we were headed for some rides after dinner. We'd had yummy French food and wanted to try Test Track before leaving (which had to happen before the fireworks started).

Connor rode Test Track with Daddy and loved it. As soon as he got off, he rode again with me. Baby swap rocks!

This is us on our night out. Get it? Where dreams come true? Hehe...

Our visit to Blizzard Beach was fun, but a little longer than it needed to be. Connor had a lot of fun splashing in the perfect depth kiddie area and playing in the waterfall. Clara also loved splashing around. She held on to my finger and walked all around the pool area. The only problem was that once she started getting tired she wanted to crawl... hard to do in 2 ft of water.

Hehe... thanks for putting up with more Disney stuff. I still have to tell you about getting home. That was way fun. Right. So... TTFN!

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