Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy, busy

I don't know why though. I just feel rushed. Hmm...

Anyhow, we have been having fun here. I've been unpacking. Heh! You may be slightly confused by this, but I figured it would be a good idea to completely unpack before we move again. Mostly this involves pulling out my nick-nacks and purging some more, as well as putting our pictures on the walls. I didn't realize how much I missed our photos until I started pulling them out. I also pulled out some pictures of me that are nearly identical to Clara. It's a little creepy. You can occasionally catch a glimpse of me in Connor (I've been told our profiles are the same), but he is pretty much a little Michael. Clara is soooo me. Her teeth are even coming in with the same gap I had (although Mom says mine was artificial - chipped).

So in all this unpacking and due to the horrible state our living room is in most of the time, we decided it was time for a toy box. I generally don't like these - I have memories of friends' toy boxes filled with dirty broken toys. You could never find the toy you wanted! Well, I've gotten over this simply for the sake of not having to pick my way through our downstairs to avoid death, or at the very least a sore foot. So I packed up the kids and we headed out to Target (the known center of the shopping universe here). They didn't have the toy box in the store but they had a very nice shelf, which I needed as well. The next logical place for a toy box is that dreaded store for parents, Toys R Us. I cringed as I told Connor that was where we were headed. He let out a cheer. Fortunately for me, he was tired after not having a nap and having school, so he agreed to staying in the cart. I also had my bribe... No whining, excellent listening ears = a toy treat. He did soooo very well. We found a toy box (it matches the shelf!) and then set out looking for the perfect toy. I of course aimed for learning and pretend play toys. Connor didn't want anything to do with my $20 awesome dress up clothes sets. We moved on... then he yelled "There it is!" His perfect toy! A... huge Crayola crayon bank? Yup, that's what he wanted. You'd think it was made of gold. Kids crack me up!
Clara had fun playing with all the toys we "found" as we cleaned. She especially loved the baby doll set, which she continues to drag around the house on occasion.
Connor had a lot of fun with the box which held the kids books.

Our next big event was Six Flags Over New England. It was a lot of fun! We paired up with our friends, T's family. The boys had so much fun. We hit up the first ride we saw for kids. Unfortunately, we didn't really prep Connor like we normally do and he came ver close to bawling. Poor kid. See his super serious face?
Of course when he got off this ride he said it was soooo fun. Once again, he cracks me up!

A highlight for Connor was Wiggle World. He drove the Big Red Car with T.

So... super long post, but I guess I haven't had a meaty post in a while. I have to go clean now... I'm having a SU! event here on Saturday and this place is not fit for visitors! AH! Well, I'm off! TFL!

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sarah said...

omg. clara looks just like you! you should post some baby pictures of yourself at her age. yay!