Friday, August 03, 2007


Sarah wants to know! This is me spilling!

I loved Denver! I was surprised by it. I thought it was actually in the mountains (I thought all of Colorado was mountains), so you can imagine my shock when the pilot announced we were about to land. It was waaaaay flat! Through the haze I could make out the mountains (wish I had been able to visit).

It was very hot my first day there. The thermometer in the shade said 97. That said, I was not uncomfortable. It's so dry, even in my jeans I was not at all sticky or gooey feeling. Sweat actually works there! The only issue I had with the dryness was that anytime we walked outside I got cotton mouth. I would start coughing my throat was so dry. I was losing my voice before I arrived and it is just now coming back. No healing humidity there!

I had an interesting flight back... I booked it wrong. I intended to return on Sunday night, but booked for Monday. Yes, I'm a dork. I will never deny that. Anyhow, I did manage to get home. I was on edge for >24hrs and praying continuously for openings (yes, literally). I got very lucky and had no troubles flying standby.

My babies were well cared for (of course). I think they had a very good week with Daddy. Clara got a little chubbier and is teething once again. Connor is his normal self, although he is retesting all my limits (it's been an interesting few days).

Well, it's getting late and I'm having trouble concentrating. I'll read this tomorrow and correct any issues... hehehe

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sarah said...

omg! i had the same feeling when i looked out the window of the plane on landing. "the great plains" are totally FLAT and they actually turn into huge mountains out of nowheres! i learned a little about geography while in americorps. oh yeah. in denver, a water bottle should be attached to your hip at all times for the dry mouth. i love the west for its summers. dry heat is my thing too. i'm glad you had fun.