Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More bad news on the allergy front

Poor Connor. We had his allergy appointment at the end of last month. This is when they look him over in general to see how he's doing. They also run blood tests to check reaction levels to various allergens. Poor kid. His reaction to egg and milk are staying the same. Boo. I really don't like having to worry about the Epipen and would really like him to "grow out" of these... but it seems that won't be happening, because he's also highly allergic to shrimp and lobster. What a bummer. At this point I am sooooo thankful that the little voice in my head told me not to let him try the grilled shrimp over the summer. We would've ended up in the ER.

It's funny how just when I think I'm handling his allergies okay another little wrench gets thrown in the works. Bah!

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